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Witness Statements

Block One
Parents giving accounts of their experiences – from their child’s original referral through to post-surgery.

Block Two
The national scene – including evidence from the Department of Health, witnesses from Supra-Regional services and The Royal Colleges and professional organisations.

Block Three
Bristol Services – including how they were set up and how the services were organised. Witnesses include staff from the Bristol Royal Infirmary, past and present; and staff from the local and regional health authorities.

Block Four
The management and care of the children – among the issues covered will be pre-operative care; surgery; post-operative care; post mortems; and dealings with parents.

Block Five
The adequacy of the service – including staff training; informed consent; medical and clinical audit.

Block Six
Covers concerns raised about surgery at the hospital between 1984 and 1995 and any failure to take action promptly.

The Inquiry collected evidence from members of its independent Expert Group. Alongside the recorded transcript discussions, this evidence took the form of submitted written statements or commissioned reports, as well as documents referred to and exhibited during oral evidence.

Written responses regarding referrals to the Bristol Hospitals
The Inquiry received written comments from Clinicians relating to Inquiry Issue D – Referrals Issues List


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Published by the Bristol Royal Infirmary Inquiry, July 2001
Crown Copyright 2001