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Information about reference material, sources of evidence and footnotes



Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Conduct of the Inquiry

Chapter 3: The Care and Treatment of Children with Congenital Heart Disease

Chapter 4: The Changing NHS 1984 - 1995

Chapter 5: Management in Bristol

Chapter 6: Quality, Standards and Information

Chapter 7: The Audit and Monitoring of the Paediatric Cardiac Surgical Service in Bristol

Chapter 8: Paediatric Cardiac Surgical Services

Chapter 9: The Paediatric Cardiac Surgical Service in Bristol

Chapter 10: Introduction to Concerns

Chapter 11: The Expression of Concerns by Individuals and Reaction to Those Concerns

Chapter 12: Responses to Concerns and Actions Taken, and Whether Such Actions were Appropriate and Prompt

Chapter 13: Introduction to Adequacy of Care

Chapter 14: External Assessment and Monitoring of the Quality of Care in Bristol

Chapter 15: The Culture and Management at the UBH/T

Chapter 16: The Organisation of the Paediatric Cardiac Surgical Service in Bristol

Chapter 17: Parents' Experiences

Chapter 18: The Designation of Bristol as a Centre for Neonatal and Infant Cardiac Surgery

Chapter 19: Observations on the Organisation of the PCS service

Chapter 20: Understanding and Assessing the Quality of Clinical Care in Bristol



Chapter 21: Introduction

Chapter 22: The Culture of the NHS

Chapter 23: Respect and Honesty

Chapter 24: A Health Service which is Well Led

Chapter 25: Competent Healthcare Professionals

Chapter 26: The Safety of Care

Chapter 27: Care of an Appropriate Standard

Chapter 28: Public Involvement Through Empowerment

Chapter 29: The Care of Children



Appendix 1: List of Acronyms used in the Report and Annexes

Appendix 2: Guide to the Annexes of the Final Report

Appendix 3: Details of Individuals who Gave Oral and Written Evidence to the Inquiry and Individuals who are Mentioned in the Report or Annex A

Appendix 4: Expenditure of the Bristol Royal Infirmary Inquiry: September 1998-July 2001

Appendix 5: Staff Employed on the Inquiry


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