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Inquiry Seminars


Phase Two of the Bristol Royal Infirmary Inquiry looked towards the future, examining broader issues affecting the National Health Service (NHS). It addressed that element of the Inquiry’s terms of reference to: "make recommendations which could help to secure high quality care across the NHS."

The seminar topics were informed partly by lessons emerging from Phase One. They also took account of the latest research and thinking concerning the factors which determine the level of performance of organisations, both within the public sector and beyond.


Seminar Timetable
Phase Two seminars began in January 2000 and concluded on 28 March 2000.

Seminar Details
Details about individual seminars, including Seminar Reports, participant lists, programmes, Position Papers and Points for Discussion.

Consultation Paper and Resources
The Inquiry team issued for consultation the main themes for consideration during its second phase.

Questions and Answers
Frequently asked questions and answers relating to the second phase of the Inquiry.


Published by the Bristol Royal Infirmary Inquiry, July 2001
Crown Copyright 2001