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Interim Report: Removal and retention of human material


Letter to the Chief Medical Officer for England
Terms of reference
Explanatory notes

Interim Report

Part I: Introduction
Part II: Evidence
- A. The national scene
- B. The Bristol story
Part III: The background: law and relevant guidelines
- A. The law
- B. Relevant guidelines
Part IV: Recommendations
General principles
Option 1 - A Code of Practice
Option 2 - New Law
- People
- Glossary

Annex A

An account of the evidence to the Inquiry on the
removal and retention of human material at post-mortem
Summary of evidence
Part I: The National Context
Part II: The Bristol Story
Part III: The Parents' experience

Annex B

Law and Guidelines
Part I: The Coroner and the Coroner's post-mortem examination
Part II: The hospital post-mortem examination
Part III: The right to possession of the body and the duty to dispose
Part IV: Wrongful removal, retention and use
Part V: Other law and guidelines



Published by the Bristol Royal Infirmary Inquiry, July 2001
Crown Copyright 2001